Pacey’s Place is the creation of Chelsey Falco and Miriam Avila. While studying abroad in London, Chelsey and Miriam sampled amazing gluten free and vegan baked goods, and it got their wheels turning. They decided to start their own gluten free and vegan bakery, and soon the idea expanded to include all kinds of food and drinks. Having just graduated with degrees in writing and publishing from Emerson College, Chelsey and Miriam can’t afford to actually open a cafe, so they settled for a website where they can share their recipes and cooking techniques with the world.


About the Chefs:

Chelsey has been gluten free (thanks to Celiac Disease) since 2007. Her favorite meal is chicken fingers and french fries, and she believes potatoes are the greatest thing on earth. Her favorite beverages are Diet Coke, herbal tea, wine, and gin-based cocktails. She loves cooking with fresh rosemary and basil, and wishes she could permanently smell like chamomile.

Miriam has been vegan since 2011. Her favorite foods meal is pasta with veggies. Her favorite beverages are tea and water. She enjoys cooking with garlic and kale.


Who’s Pacey?

During their sophomore year of college, Chelsey’s roommate received a giant, stuffed penguin in the mail. They decided to name the penguin Pacey, after Joshua Jackson’s character in Dawson’s Creek, and Chelsey fell in love. Pacey and Chelsey are BFFs, and she couldn’t imagine naming her dream cafe after anyone else.


How did Chelsey and Miriam meet?

This is a fun story! When Chelsey first got to Emerson College, she wasn’t sure where she fit in. One night, she got ready to go to a dance with her roommates. They went to another suite to pick up some friends, and while there, Chelsey peeked into a room where two girls were watching Community. Chelsey didn’t really want to go to the dance, so she admired the girls who decided to stay in and watch TV instead and was determined to befriend them. One night, her dorm was throwing a pancake party on the sixth floor. Even though she couldn’t eat pancakes, Chelsey wanted to attend because the girls she spotted watching Community lived on the sixth floor, and they seemed like the kind of people who ate pancakes. She was right, and she spent the evening inching closer to them until she was able to strike up conversation. One of those girls was Miriam, and the rest is history.


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